A small note to accompany a gift for a recent grad off to college that I don’t want to forget. I’m writing it out on my phone, heaven help me.

It’s not perfect. 

But then, it isn’t supposed to be…  Perfection is clear cut lines and rigidity, but life is neither one.

Sometimes, inside the issue, fully submersed in the challenge at hand, all we see are the rips and tears. The chips. The fraying edges.  And we think, “It’s not good enough… I’m not good enough.”

But it’s there.  Flip the perspective.  Some stories are meant to start at the end and finish at the beginning.  Turn things around and edit them, clean them up.  Often, when you step back and look at the odd ends and mistakes, you see it.  And you realize that it was beautiful all along.

It’s there.  No matter how carefully you measure, how determined you are to count, one piece isn’t going to fit the way you want.  But that’s where ingenuity lives.  The more you work with uneven lengths of subject matter and scraps of ideas, the more creative you have to be to use them.

So it won’t be perfect.  And that’s okay.